Principal Construction
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Hyde and Seek Creche

Hyde and Seek Creche

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The project consisted of the construction of a new 450sqm creche, on the Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11. The building is located at the centre of a difficult site, creating 3 gardens of various scale at the corners, serving as open spaces for the respective age groups in the creche.

 The building is organised at Ground Floor as a series of 4 small oval volumes that accommodate the various age groups, administration and ancillary services. A large circular roof caps and unifies the overall building at first floor level, also serving as an external playground at and providing a covered entrance foyer and multipurpose space at ground-floor level. Other accommodation includes 6 classrooms, 1 sensory room, nap area, staff room and kitchen, dining hall and play areas.


  • Restricted access to site requiring detailed traffic management plans and careful coordination of all deliveries due to extremely limited parking place.

  • Curve-linear feature “hit and miss” brickwork and complex curvelinear structural steelwork.

  • Restricted area for cranage of structural steel work, requiring careful site management procedures and programming.

  • Installation of significant Mechanical and Electrical packages.

  • Out of hours drainage connection on extremely busy, main arterial route in the city.

Status: Complete: July 2018

Location: Finglas Road, Glasnevin

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Photos by Paul Tierney